Our Family Logo: The Cypress Tree

 The Lone Cypress: 17 Mile Drive

Along the 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula, there stands a cypress tree. It’s called the “Lone Cypress” because it stands alone on a rocky outcropping on the sea’s edge.  To many, it is a lasting symbol of strength, endurance, and faith.

It symbolizes strength and endurance through righteous living.  Its healthy roots are anchored in a firm foundation.  Its roots and foundation are its strength.  For hundreds of years, the Lone Cypress has endured the coastal storms that have beaten upon it.

It symbolizes faith in Almighty God.  Its branches and needles are turned upward as if knowing from whence the life-giving water and light come.  In faith, the cypress tree reaches towards Heaven.

The Cypress Tree endures because it is built upon a firm foundation, and it reached towards the source of its nourishment.  It is beautiful and inspiring.

By: Scott R. Edgar

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