Edgar Family Famous Pancakes & Syrup

Famous Pancakes:

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Here’s the recipe for our Edgar Family Famous Pancakes.  Remember, it’s more than just the ingredients.  It’s also the technique.  “It’s all in the wrists.”  Good luck!

Ingredients (Small Batch):

1 cup Betty Crocker Bisquick
1 cup Milk
6 eggs

Notice there are three (3) eggs for each cup of anything. If you double the recipe, you’ll have two (2) cups of Bisquick and two (2) cups of milk. That’s a total of four (4) cups.  3 X 4 = 12, so add 12 eggs (or more if you like ’em thin.)

(Note:  Click HERE  to see recommended ingredient amounts for larger batches of batter.)

Mix the ingredients together in a mixing bowl (use an electric beater). Mix the batter well until it’s smooth.

Heat a large frying pan on high.  Grease the skillet/pan (use Crisco or Coconut Oil).  DO NOT put the batter in the frying pan until the pan is hot.  Use about a level tablespoon of shortening (I just use a fork and eyeball the amount).  Spread the shortening around the pan.  You can tell when the pan is hot enough by flicking a little clean water across the pan with your fingers. The water should pop and dance across the pan.

Using a large serving spoon, put a scoop of batter into the middle of the frying pan.*  Immediately pick up the frying pan by the handle and begin rolling it around in a swirl to spread the batter to all sides of the pan. Return the pan to the heat and allow the pancake to cook. Keep an eye on it though because the pancake will cook quickly. Once you begin to see small bubbles forming in the batter on the top of the pancake, it’s time to flip it over. Use a large spatula to flip the pancake (the larger the better). After you flip the pancake, you only need to wait long enough to allow the pancake to get lightly browned on the bottom.

* I now prefer to use a pitcher with a lid and spout.  I just eyeball the amount of batter and pour it directly into the center of the skillet.

Note: If you like the pancake to be crispy on the edges, first grease the skillet lightly, pour batter on the skillet and spread it around.  Then, with a fork, smear a little extra shortening along the inside edge of the skillet and swirl the pan again to allow the melting shortening to contact the full circumference or edges of the pancake.  Flip the pancake and remove when cooked.

Famous Syrup:

When we were first married, your Mom and I loved Log Cabin Syrup. (The original came in a can – shaped like a log cabin.) However, we couldn’t always afford the good stuff. So, she would make a homemade syrup with Mapleine, concentrated maple extract flavoring. Anyway, one day we ran out of the Mapleine flavoring, so Mom decided to try Vanilla Extract. It was a hit. Everyone loved it! So, from then on, we always made Edgar Family Famous Syrup with Vanilla Extract. Here’s the recipe:


2 Cups of Granulated Sugar
1 Cup of clean water
1 Teaspoon full of Pure Vanilla Extract (or enough to make the syrup golden)


First, put the granulated sugar in a saucepan. Then, add the water and Vanilla Extract. Stir the ingredients together until well blended. Heat the syrup until just before it boils. (Don’t allow the syrup to boil or it will crystallize after it cools down.) Serve the syrup hot.

Note: In my older life now, I have learned to add a little 100% Pure Maple Syrup to the ingredients. This gives it a great maple flavor like my memories of the original Log Cabin Syrup that came in a can. You can find 100% Pure Maple Syrup in the syrups section of most full-sized grocery stores.  (Frankly, I now prefer straight 100% Pure Maple Syrup on my pancakes …heated, of course).

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