Horses have become an important part of my life.  I’m sometimes not sure whether they belong to me, or I to them.  After all, a horse’s first purpose is just to be a horse.  Secondly, a horse provides companionship and service to man.  I also believe they are a beautiful and divine gift from God.  And, they make the land more beautiful.  Over the years, my horses and I have developed a mutually supportive network of friendships.  I currently have three of these beautiful creatures in my little herd: Jake (the oldest), Josie and Beauty.  Jake and Josie are both full sized Registered Tri-Color Paints, and Beauty is a relatively small Black grade kids’ pony.  They are all very well trained and provide me hours of good work and joy.


I have learned a great deal working with the horses.  In reality, I believe we can learn more from horses than they can learn from us.  Positive characteristics such as: patience, kindness, gentleness, consistency, and love come to mind.  Also, other practical steps, such as: regular feeding, plenty of fresh water, shelter from the elements, and exercise are important.  Most animals can be divided into two broad categories: Prey or Predator.   Horses are a “prey” animal and are ready to bolt at the first sign of a potential danger or threat.  So in working with them, I first had to gain their trust.  I did this by remaining calm, creating a routine: regular feedings, ample fresh water, plenty of exercise, allowing free expression, and a great deal of love and handling.  I have had to be patient and consistent with them (bordering on predictable): consistently patient, kind and gentle, but firm.  As Buck Brannaman puts it: “Gentle in what you do, and firm in how you do it.”  Working with horses has made me a better man.


In the summer, I usually turn the horses out at night to graze in the pasture.  During a new moon, when the earth is in darkness, I love to walk out into the pasture and just stand there taking in the majesty of the night.  Horses have good night vision, so they can see me …but I can’t see them.  They always walk towards me and gather very closely around me in the field.  It is inspiring when I hear and sense those large animals approaching out of the darkness to stand next to me.  They know who I am, and they trust me.  It reminds me of a scripture in Isaiah.  Israel had turned away from God, and Isaiah was lamenting: “The ox knoweth his master, …but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider” (Isaiah 1:3).  Israel’s animals know their masters; but, Israel knows not (or has forgotten) God, who is their Master.  It is essential that we know our God who loves us and provides for us (see John 17:3).  This is certainly a lesson we can learn from our animal friends.

What I have learned from Horses

Clockwise from the left: Josie, Blaze, me, Jake and Beauty.

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