My Life with Animals

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Animals are an important part of my life.  Mostly, I love my family and friends, but my love for animals is right up there.  I grew up with dogs and cats sharing my room and my life.   My first dog was a little Chihuahua named Peanut.  He was a fun and loving companion.  And at night, he'd crawl under my bed covers and sleep down by my feet.  My first memory of severe emotional grief came when I lost Peanut.  Many years have gone by now, and many pets have come and gone, but I still have their memories in my heart.  And as near as I can recall, I can still name and count 28 animal pets (including four horses).  I do love my family more than animals, but I have been known to say, "Generally, I like animals more than people!"  Pets are loyal and love us unconditionally; they are always happy to see us; they are quick to forgive our mistakes; and, they never hold a grudge.  My animals make me happy, and they can take away sadness.  I love my animals friends.

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