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OUR FAMILY GOALS: Our goal is to obtain Eternal Life–individually and as a family. We can do that by being clean and remaining on the “…straight and narrow path” as described in 2 Nephi 31:17-20. We will work together as a family and support each other in obtaining this goal. Our family rules are taken from the scriptures and from the teachings of the church and are designed to help us reach our goal.


1. General Rules.

a. We accept the commandments of the LORD as they are taught and we obey them. We should seek to understand them by daily prayerful study and pondering of the scriptures. We study, pray and obey. If we have any questions, we will ask Dad for the answers.

b. We accept the Articles of Faith as a true statement of our fundamental religious beliefs.

c. We accept and obey the Ten Commandments and the higher laws of God (when received and understood) as the LORD’s commandments and our standards of behavior.

d. We normally have family prayer twice daily–morning and evening.

e. We study the scriptures each day as a family (at least ten to fifteen minutes per day, usually right after the evening meal) and as individuals.

f. We keep ourselves morally clean.

g. We are careful to live the spirit of the Word of Wisdom.

h. We pay an honest tithe and live within our means. We pay our debts (financial and moral) in a timely manner. We are careful to stay out of unnecessary debt.

i. We love and honor our family. We are loyal to them and to their love for us.

j. We respect our home and personal belongings and take care of them. We show the same respect for other people’s property.

k. We are thoughtful, kind and considerate to all humanity and animal life–regardless of their behavior toward us.

l. We don’t hit each other. If we hit, we will be restricted to our rooms (alone) for an appropriate period of time.

m. We don’t raise our voices in the home (unless there is a fire or similar emergency). If anyone raises their voice, he/she will be required to sit quietly alone, by their self for an appropriate period of time.

n. We use kind words (we don’t use “bad” words). If anyone uses a bad word, that person will apologize in writing to the whole family.

o. We don’t have any of our friends in the home when Dad is gone unless he has approved the visit. If anyone does, he/she will explain the reason why to Dad and he will decide the consequences.

p. Each day, all children must come into the house before dark or when the street lights come on, whichever comes first. Anyone coming in later will be required to come in 30 minutes earlier the next day. However, children may be allowed to attend necessary school, church or social functions, as approved by Dad.

q. Generally, only children thirteen years and older may have evenings out with friends (of the same gender). In all cases, Dad must approve evenings out.

r. We don’t go on dates (with only one person of the opposite gender) until after our 16th birthday. We never stay out after 11:00 PM unless approved in advance by Dad. If anyone stays out after 11:00 PM without permission, he/she will not be allowed out on a date again for at least ten (10) days.

s. When dating, we are careful to have wholesome date activities that are in agreement with LDS standards. We avoid any place the Holy Spirit won’t follow. We do not go to “R” rated movies (or worse), and we avoid “PG” and “PG-13” movies unless approved by Dad.

t. Anytime that anyone finds his or her self in a “bad” situation or in any kind of trouble, regardless of what it is or the time of day, he/she should contact Dad for help. Dad agrees to do whatever is necessary to help and promises not to ask any difficult questions until all are safely at home and reasonably rested.

u. If we’re not sure about something, we ask.


2. Personal Rules.

a. Each person should take a bath/shower daily, but at least once every other day. We should wash our hair at least once every other day.

b. We should change our underwear at least once daily.

c. We should floss our teeth each night and brush them at least twice a day.

d. We should have personal prayer at least twice daily–morning and evening.

e. We should study the scriptures daily.

f. We should always remember who we are and not do anything we would be ashamed to tell the LORD (or Dad) about.


3. Other Rules (Homework/TV/Sabbath/Telephone).

a. Homework. We do our homework as soon as possible after school. We spend at least 30 minutes of quiet study time each day on school homework. If there is no specific school assignment, then we use the time to read.

b. Television.

i) No one should watch more than two hours of television on any single day. Exceptions must be approved by Dad.

ii) We don’t watch TV or play video games until all our homework is finished. If anyone watches TV without finishing their homework, they will lose TV privileges for a period of time.

iii) We don’t normally watch television on Sunday. Some exceptions to this rule include church broadcasts and possibly Disney or public television station programs. If anyone wishes to watch another TV program on Sunday, they must get approval from Dad.

c. Sabbath Day.

i) We strive to attend all Sabbath day meetings. In particular, we attend Sacrament Meeting to partake of the emblems of the sacrament and renew our covenants. We also faithfully attend all other Sabbath day meetings including Priesthood, Relief Society, Young Women’s, Sunday School and Primary meetings.

ii) We should be careful to play only “wholesome” music on Sunday. Each individual has the right to decide what is or is not “wholesome”; however, Dad reserves the right of final judgment. On Sunday, we must play music softly.

d. Telephone.

i) Children should not talk on the telephone to their friends after 9:00 PM except for emergency reasons. However, anyone may use the telephone at anytime for an emergency, or when calling Dad.

ii) We must all make an effort to limit our telephone calls to a reasonable amount of time. The telephone is for everyone’s use.


4. Family Schedules:

a. General Family Schedule (School time).

i) Family Prayer Times – Before breakfast and Dinner.

ii) Breakfast Time – About 6:30 AM.

iii) Lunch Time – (at school)

iv) Dinner Time – 6:00 PM

v) Family Scripture Study – After dinner each day.

vi) Bedtime 9:00 PM – (see para 4d)

vii) Family Home Evening Monday night – from 6-9:00 PM

viii) Home Teaching – Second Sunday each month

ix) Temple Night – Fourth Tuesday each Month

x) Kids’ Night out * – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday 6-9:00 PM

xi) YM/YW Activity Night – Wednesday 7-8:30 PM

xii) Dad’s date night – Friday Night

b. General Family Schedule (Summer Time).

i) Family Prayer Times – Before breakfast and Dinner.

ii) Breakfast Time – About 8:00 AM.

iii) Lunch Time – Noon

iv) Dinner Time – 6:00 PM

v) Family Scripture Study – After dinner each day.

vi) Bedtime 10:00 PM – (see para 4d)

vii) Family Home Evening Monday night – from 6-9:00 PM

viii) Home Teaching night – First Tuesday each month

ix) Temple Night – Fourth Tuesday each Month

x) Kids’ Night out * – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday 6-9:00 PM

xi) YM/YW Activity Night – Wednesday 7-8:30 PM

xii) Dad’s date night – Friday Night

(* Kids’ night out with Dad will generally rotate each week from the oldest child to the youngest. Usually, there will only be one child per evening.)

c. Out of Bed times (School days).

i) Elementary School – 7:00 AM

ii) Junior High School – 6:00 AM

iii) Seminary/HS students – 5:00 AM

d. Bedtimes. Generally, everyone will go to his/her bed at 9:00 PM. The teenagers may read quietly or do other quiet activities in their rooms until 10:00 PM. On non-school evenings (including the summer), children may stay up until 10:00 PM.

i) Through 12 years – 9:00 PM

ii) Teenagers – 10:00 PM

e. Other times.

i) On Sunday, everyone will be ready for church and be sitting in the family room for family prayer 30 minutes before the block meeting start time.

ii) On evenings out, children (up to 18) will be home not later than 11:00 PM unless otherwise approved in advance by Dad.


5. Family Chores.

a. In the morning, we make our beds as soon as possible after getting up but always before we leave for the day. If anyone fails to make their bed, they will be required to make both beds in their room on the following day.

b. We do not leave clothes on the floor. Clothes go in one of three places ONLY; that is, 1) folded in our drawers (or hung in our closets), 2) in the dirty clothes basket (if dirty), and/or 3) on our bodies. We don’t put clean clothes in the laundry. If you misplace your clothes, you will probably be required to do extra laundry chores.

c. We cleanup any mess we make. We help others whenever possible. If you make a mess and don’t clean it up, you will be assigned an additional cleanup chore somewhere in the house or yard.

d. Immediately after each meal, each person will bring his/her dishes to the sink for washing by the assigned person. Anyone failing to do this may be given the duty of putting all the clean dishes away.

e. We follow the family chores chart as closely as possible.

f. If we don’t do our assigned chores, we can expect consequences.


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