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Kathy and Scott

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, born and raised. I spent many Saturdays (all day) fishing under “the Golden Gate Bridge.”  In those days, a young boy could go anywhere in the city for a 15 cent transfer bus/trolley ticket; …just hop on and hop off. On “no school” days, my mother would often give me a brown bag with lunch, and just send me off for the day. For me, the city was a magical and safe place to be.


I graduated from high school in 1964; and at age 19 years, I was called to serve a two year proselyting mission for the Mormon Church. Full-time missionary work changed the direction of my life.  I learned who I was, and I gained a firm testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition, I gained valuable life skills and good habits, such as: goal setting, self-discipline, punctuality, personal cleanliness, self-reliance, kindness to others, and so much more.

Very shortly after the mission, I joined the United States Air Force and ultimately made it a career. I served as a foreign affairs officer and lived/traveled in many countries. For me, military service became my life.  It was a challenging career full of growth, learning and excitement. Except for a lonely year in Southeast Asia,  I fully enjoyed serving.  I was also privileged to have been married to two wonderful and amazing women, both of whom supported me in my military service and all our many travels.  My first wife was my dear Jenny Marie.  We spent 15 wonderful years growing together, raising a family, and learning.  Sadly, she passed away at an early age. My second wife is my dear Kathy.   She adopted me six years after

Jenny’s death.  All combined, we’ve raised ten (10) beautiful children. They have all grown now and have families and children of their own. Currently, we have 31 wonderful grandchildren who call us “Papa and Nana.”

After 24 years on active military duty, I retired from the Air Force, and we settled in Henderson, NV.  Kathy resumed her Nursing career, and I went back to school to study computer repair.  Eventually, I found work at Boulder City Hospital as their IT Manager.  And, it wasn't long before we became interested in horses.  It was a long-time dream of mine to own horses.  Eventually, we packed up and left Henderson, moved to Sanpete County in Central Utah, bought a small ranch, and began living the dream. We had horses, dogs and cats. Kathy continued her nursing career in Sanpete County, and started a small computer support business in a nearby college town (Ephraim). My family, a ranch, horses, dogs and cats.  I was living the dream of my lifetime.  I loved waking up in the morning and beginning each day.


Then came a phone call from a friend asking us to accept a Full-Time Senior Missionary assignment.  After prayerful consideration, Kathy and I decided it was the right thing to do.  We interviewed with our Bishop, filled out our papers, met with our Stake President, and submitted our papers to Salt Lake.  Several weeks later, we received a package from the Prophet (Thomas S. Monson).  We were called to serve in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission and assigned specifically to Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  Sister Edgar is assigned to serve as the Women's Health Visiting Nurse for the Married Student Mothers (and their babies), and I am assigned as a Computer Support Tech.  My specific assignment is to serve as the Database Administrator of the BYU-H Conduct Manager Software.


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